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Do you want to ensure your pretty print arrives ready to gift?
We have a luxury gift box just perfect for this!

ADD this black luxury gift box for your A5 print – we will pop your print in it for you and it will really make someones day.

This luxury black gift box is perfect to gift our A5 prints in. The A5 is a two-piece box and the lid fits comfortably over the sturdy base.

Complete with a simple insert this gift box is ideal for our A5 prints – if you add to cart we will pop your print inside it for you.


Your pretty A5 print will come inside this cute little gift box ready to gift if added.

Approx 230 x 165 x 17 mm

If you are anything like most of our customers, you will want to gift your order as soon as possible, and to really make an impression gift your pretty print in a luxury gift box for the added wow factor.

The gift box can even be used again for other gifts or as a memory chest for keepsakes and trinkets.


Please note no free prints come with the gift box – they are for illustrative purposes only. You need to purchase your prints to go in the gift box.

GIFTING IDEA!: Give your gift the extra wow factor in a beautiful gift box