Handmade Gifts – The Myths


Lets put it out there – we are seeing so many huge long standing retailers closing down on the high street daily – its scary and an eyeopening time for anyone who sells to the public. Over the years independent small crafters like ourselves have been able to stand out from the mass market and rather than seeing the issues occuring with the big players as a threat to our little business, we like to see it as an opportunity!

For what? To show more and more people how they can buy a handmade, personalised item, made by a small business, in a speedy manner and at a reasonable price!

So we started thinking…. what are some of the myths out there regarding buying products from pages like ours….. and here were some of the hot topics!

  • Handmade personalised items take a long time to make – Yes, ok some do! And even some of our products are several weeks in the making but thats because of the amount of detail and work that goes into them. HOWEVER, we also have a huge range of products that can be made and sent within 48 hours! Did you know that? Even with standard delivery you can have your handmade frame or gift in your hands within 10-12 working days! Now thats pretty fast for a custom gift don’t you think?

  • Ok, but a handmade personalised gift is going to cost lots right?… – No! Some of our frames cost as little at £15, and even our popular box frames can be as little as £20!. Consider what you pay in the mass shops for a generic factory made gift….. For the same sort of price or less you are getting something made with love by a little family who put their heart and soul into your order.

  • Yeah, Ok that is all very true… But I bet I can’t really personalise the product that much can I? – Hell yes you can! Even on our standard designs you can add names, little messages that mean the world to you and the recipient to really make it stand out! You can choose colour of frame, glitter detail colour and even crystals in lots of them. We even have a custom section where you can tell us what you are looking for and we will work with you to make something totally bespoke! And we don’t charge the earth either!

  • If its handmade… surely I could try giving it a crack myself and making one… can’t I? – Well, yes I guess if you really really wanted to go to all the time, stress, cost and effort of making something you need you could….. BUT THIS IS WHAT WE DO! We spend days, weeks, months and years perfecting our trade, perfecting and improving our designs, our packaging, our website and communication methods to ensure you get the BEST PRODUCT POSSIBLE. And we don’t even charge that much. Buying from us means you get a professional and well received product in a timely manner for a reasonable cost……. Ohh and we have lots of lovely reviews on facebook and our website as well as being tagged in lots of lovely photos from customers on Instagram that show what people think of our little page.

So…. when you next have a special time coming up, maybe a birthday or christening, a wedding or new baby to celebrate…. maybe a best pal that needs picking up or a Mum reminding of how blooming awesome she is doing…… hopefully if these questions pop into your mind or someone else you are having a chat with…. you will give us the chance to prove these myths wrong and keep supporting small businesses like ours 🙂

Much love Claire – Pink Rabbit Designs xx

3 thoughts on “Handmade Gifts – The Myths

  1. danaferola says:

    I asked for a specific personalized frame and wasn’t disappointed! This is the second time I have ordered from you guys and each time I’ve been over the moon with what you’ve sent! Thank you!!

  2. Jacky Andrews says:

    A massive Ty to you all for my frame I ordered for my Freind arrived today.
    I would like to add how you have accommodated me changing my mind. So quickly, so helpful & quick responses. Fantastic service.
    I will be recommending you to family & friends.
    Excellent service run by a family business.

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